Live in harmony
with yourDNA GeneticLab tests


Live in harmony
with yourDNA GeneticLab tests


Live in harmony
with yourDNA GeneticLab tests


Live in harmony
with yourDNA GeneticLab tests


DNA testing

3 simple steps to gain knowledge
about your predispositions

  • ❶ Get your sample collection kit at your fitness club and prepare a saliva sample according to the enclosed instruction.
  • ❷ Bring the sample to your fitness club. GeneticLab will take it from there and send it to the laboratory for testing, and then prepare your report.
  • ❸ Collect your individual GeneticLab DNA Report, learn about your predispositions and implement valuable health guidelines, prepared especially for you by our experts.


What is the GeneticLab DNA Report?

The GeneticLab DNA Report is a source of knowledge about the unique human DNA code. In it is presented information about potential risks and benefits resulting from the set of genes a person possesses.

The Nutrition and Sports Report:

  • consists of 9 chapters
  • has over 130 pages
  • is a practical compendium of information on nutrition and physical activity

The Holistic Report:

  • consists of 80 topics
  • 6 subject areas
  • is a comprehensive source of information about genetic predispositions of an organism concerning nutrigenetics, pharmacogenomics, diseases, beauty, physical activity, and interesting facts.



What is GeneticLab?

GeneticLab is a company which focuses on preventive tests of genetic material. It is owned by the Innovu Group, and its headquarters is located in New York in the USA.

The mission of GeneticLab is to popularize preventive DNA tests with the use of up-to-date technology, which up until very recently has been out of reach for the average person. The company is developing rapidly and intends to spread into other markets in order to become a worldwide leader in the area of biotechnology.

GeneticLab collaborates with a group of experts specializing in various branches of science, including:

personalized prognostics



lifestyle, fitness and nutrition

Scientific council

Dr hab. n. med. Marcin Woźniak

MD, PhD with a post-doctoral degree. Assistant professor and lecturer at one of the state universities in Poland. He specializes in medical biology, with a particular emphasis placed on genetic predispositions of the human organism and the influence of genes on its functioning. He also concentrates on population genetics and forensic genetics.

Dr n. med. Piotr Engelgardt

MD, PhD. Head of the Department of Criminalistics and Forensic Medicine at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. His area of specialization is forensic medicine. He is also interested in bioethical issues in relation to broadly understood medicine and complex evaluation of the correctness of medical proceedings.

Sebastian Kuliński,

A leading Polish bodybuilder, a representative of Poland and also an experienced instructor and personal trainer. He is also a bodybuilding judge of PZKFiTS. He gives lectures at the Polska Akademia Sportu, Europejskie Centrum Sportu and Wyższa Szkoła Kultury Fizycznej i Turystyki. He also conducts numerous training courses for athletes, instructors and trainers.